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Meet Dr. Devoliere Jr.


Dr. Lesly Devoliere Jr., is a mentor, speaker, physical therapist, and the owner of QUALITY MOVEMENT RESTORATION. He discovered at the age of 16 that he had developed a passion to help others while working with the body. After researching professions, he instantly became drawn to Physical Therapy, where he could build 1 on 1 relationships while helping individuals restore their physical health at the same time.


While studying in undergraduate he worked as a personal trainer for a couple of years, further confirming his desire to help others achieve their health and wellness goals. He completed his internship program in New York City where he truly felt energized & led to serve clients near his hometown. Suitably, he moved to New York to begin his Physical Therapy career (where his foundation started) after leaving New York & moving to Georgia at the age of 10. 


Dr. Lesly has worked with a variety of different conditions and is passionate about working with clients who are active and value their health; also, clients who have experienced neck/back pain, sports injuries, and general movement limitations or impairments. He is an advocate for investing in your body’s health, through education and motivation he instills the “can-do” mindset in his clients. With experience, he often noticed patients feeling set back or even frustrated at times due to limitations by 3rd party companies. This led him to begin working directly for his patients without insurance constraints or limitations often placed by medical professionals. This allows him to provide his value, expertise and advocate for his patient’s best interest, allowing them to truly take control of their health without compromise.

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