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SERVICES: Services

Treatment Services

New Client Registration (We'll reach out to you to schedule)

Due to limited availability, we offer clients the opportunity to self-register an account in our practice to get you set up for treatment.

How it Works:

  • Click on "New Client Registration" link

  • Fill out General Information form

  • QMR staff member will reach out within same or 1 business day to learn more how we can serve you & your active lifestyle.

SERVICES: Services

Treatment Services


FREE 20 Min. Movement Screens In Office

Limited Availability,

Book Today!

At Quality Movement Restoration, we offer FREE movement screens in our office to keep the active community aware of preventing injuries. With this service, you have an opportunity to check out a functional movement including but not limited to: lunges, squats, deadlifts, etc. with our Doc of Physical Therapy.

If you have history or currently dealing with joint pain/issues you can see where your movement limitations are coming from.


This service is a must if you want to stay in tune with your health and active movement in the gym. 

Click the link below to book a free movement screen in our office.


Group Performance Physical Therapy Classes

We are changing the game with how physical therapy is perceived. 


We are looking to fill the gap in the healthcare field where active clients are heard and supported on activities they love to do. 


Here at QMR we are launching a series of Group Performance Physical Therapy classes that will be focusing on injury prevention skills and techniques to enhance your performance. 


This class will be led by a Doctor of Physical Therapy touching on what specific topic you signed up for. 

75-90 Min Initial Evaluation

This is a 75-90 minute Initial Evaluation with your Doc of Physical Therapy, we advise people to plan for 90 minutes.

In this Session:

  • You talk with your Doc for 15-25 minutes on your issue

  • Examine your issue (15-20 minutes)

  • Educate you on what we found (5-10 minutes)

  • Provide treatment (10-20 minutes)

  • Retest how you are feeling (5 minutes)

  • Conclude and provide Plan of Care (10 minutes)


Learn more by giving us a call at 516-218-0076 or clicking the link below.


After your Evaluation, we will provide the next steps. 

Ready to book? Click below!

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Performance Physical Therapy Plan of Care

At Quality Movement Restoration, we treat a variety of orthopedic conditions, especially low back issues. After we evaluated your issue, the fun begins in tackling your issue!


Our 3 step process in your recovery:

  1.  Reducing pain & movement limitations

  2. Implementing Corrective Exercise Plan

  3. Preventative Work on Your Issue

Restoration Plus VIP Client Plan

At Quality Movement Restoration, what makes us different from your traditional physical therapy practice we offer monthly performance/ wellness physical therapy sessions. You work 1-on-1 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and check in once a month for a performance/ wellness session after your plan of care is completed, whereas other physical therapy clinics "discharge" you. Most clients engage in this awesome feature to tune-up on their active lifestyle and health! 

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We are here to serve the active community of Queens, NYC and one of our services is performing community workshops. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy lead an active, fun, and engaging workshop for the prevention of injuries. We have implemented low back mobility and stability workshops therefore the active community can be educated and have actionable tools for the prevention of low back issues.

We also partner with local gyms, clubs, and studios to help their members prevent injuries keeping the community healthy and happy!

If you would like our Doctors of Physical Therapy to host a workshop at a location, please email

If you would like to stay up to date on our next workshop, please subscribe to our low back newsletter on our home page.

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