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Our 3-Step Process to Your Independence

Step 1 --> Assess severity of lymphedema and baseline measurements
Step 2 --> Learn self manual lymphatic drainage massage to manage swelling
Step 3 --> Get a custom exercise plan incorporated with self manual lymphatic drainage massage to keep the swelling away


Lymphedema Therapy

Getting a massage through manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) isn’t good enough to decrease swelling 100%. Here at Quality Movement Restoration we separate ourselves from your typical clinic setting by providing 1-on-1 individualized care. Also, we take you through a skilled sequence of utilizing MLD massage with therapeutic exercise to decrease swelling whether in the arm or leg. Dr. Lesly educates you on the importance of these skillful therapeutic exercises incorporated with MLD massage. We will also provide a home exercise program (HEP) with therapeutic exercises for you to incorporate in your daily lifestyle.

Lymphedema Therapy: Services
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