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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cash-Based Physical Therapy?

CashPT is an out of network service for all insurance companies, and does not bill directly through insurance (may be eligible for reimbursement directly from your insurance company). Our clients pay us directly each visit 1-on-1 for their skilled physical therapy session or for a plan of care package. This method allows us to focus our attention on clients and goals rather than being controlled by insurance regulations which hinders quality care. And you know quality care is our “M.O.”

Does Quality Movement Restoration accept health insurance at all?

You can use your “out of network” insurance benefits. You can also use your health savings account (HSA) or flex spending account (FSA). We do collect our fees directly from our clients, however we do provide an itemized superbill for our client to submit to their insurance company. By submitting your receipt or claim, you may be able to recover a percentage of the cost you pay upfront (typically 60-80%) from your insurance company, depending on your “out of network” coverage.

Does cash-based mean I can only pay with cash?

While cash is certainly an acceptable form of payment, clients can also pay with major credit and debit cards as well as FSA and HSA accounts. We accept the CareCredit healthcare credit card.

Does QMR offer financing options?

Yes, we accept the CareCredit healthcare credit card. 

  • We do offer affordable financing options for our plan of care. We accept CareCredit healthcare credit card that clients can use to finance the care they want and need without delaying appointment or treatment. We have different promotions that once pre-qualified you can take advantage of and use immediately for care. The pre-qualification process is simple and easy which takes 1 minute to complete and you get a  decision on approval immediately. Once approved, you can use your CareCredit credit card. 

Why cash-based Physical Therapy?

Have you been in an insurance-based clinic before? If so, you know the attention and care you receive could be better if you had more time with your physical therapist. The problem is... they don’t have more time!

At Quality Movement Restoration, we pride ourselves on the word “quality,” and we are able to provide that with a cash-based model because we’re able to decide how we want to treat our clients as we are not regulated by insurance companies. With insurance companies continuing to cut reimbursement rates for rehabilitation services, it forces many clinics to treat multiple patients in an hour which in turn decreases the quality of care given to the client. Lastly, a technician ends up finishing the “skilled” physical therapy session. Is that what you want?

With our cash-based model we are allowed to provide the highest quality care for our clients while keeping them 1-on-1 with their Doctor of Physical Therapy for the entire hour, every visit. This provides better and faster results than your traditional insurance based physical therapy. Quality is our name!

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